Atlas das Aves do Arquipélago da Madeira.

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Non-systematic Visits

Entende-se These are considered the non systematic visits to the grid squares not included in the mandatory visits (systematic). These visits have as their objective to complement the information and confirm the presence and/or nesting of certain species in the grid squares which have not been obtained in the systematic visits.  These visits, more importantly, permit observation of other areas with certain characteristics of habitat (for example, a river, a slope, or an abandoned ruin).  These visits may be performed at any time of day or night and the results documented as a non- systematic visit. 

We understand that this collection of data is directed to detect the localized species, specific habits and/or habitats.  


Directed census

Specific and directed visits to detect certain species such as:
  • Nocturnal prey
  • Marine ans coastal birds;
  • Swallows
They will conclude the data process directed toward a group of species by which the results obtained through general methods presented here may be improved.  The species and the methods referred to earlier will be defined during the development and execution of the project.

Incidental and Supplemental Registrations

All observations obtained outside of the other visits will be considered supplemental registrations.  These observations are also of great interest, since they allow for obtaining evidences of nesting that is not possible with data only from systematic and non-systematic visits. 

Some examples of supplemental registrations are:

  • Birds observed along the roadway during the times of migration or other activities;
  • Registrations obtained outside of the designated periods for field work;
  • Observations made during a visit to a location of particular characteristics different from the defined visits of certain determined species.

The results of these observations can be made on a register found in the section DOCUMENTS;  after filling it out, send it to the email of the project This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), or you may print it and send it to Services of the Natural Park of Madeira.  Your participation is important!   


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